Property Value
  • 1238905 (xsd:integer)
  • 111157151 (xsd:integer)
  • USA (de)
  • USA (de)
is dbo:bandMember of
is dbo:birthPlace of
is dbo:chairman of
is dbo:city of
is dbo:country of
is dbo:deathPlace of
is dbo:developer of
is dbo:firstRace of
is dbo:founder of
is dbo:hometown of
is dbo:lastRace of
is dbo:locatedInArea of
is dbo:location of
is dbo:locationCity of
is dbo:locationCountry of
is dbo:manufacturer of
is dbo:nationality of
is dbo:origin of
is dbo:place of
is dbo:productionCompany of
is dbo:recordLabel of
is dbo:region of
is dbo:spokenIn of
is prop-de:areaServed of
is prop-de:billed of
is prop-de:daten of
is prop-de:destination of
is prop-de:einsatzland of
is prop-de:gebietzentral of
is prop-de:geburtsland of
is prop-de:hauptsitz of
is prop-de:herkunft of
is prop-de:herkunftsland of
is prop-de:herkunftsort of
is prop-de:herstellerland of
is prop-de:herstellungsland of
is prop-de:kurzbeschreibung of
is prop-de:kämpftaus of
is prop-de:land of
is prop-de:lr of
is prop-de:maerkte of
is prop-de:militärAus of
is prop-de:minderheitensprache of
is prop-de:origin of
is prop-de:ort of
is prop-de:patronat of
is prop-de:sitz of
is prop-de:staat of
is prop-de:stopover of
is prop-de:unternehmenssitz of
is prop-de:ursprung of
is prop-de:ursprungsland of
is prop-de:wohnort of
is prop-de:zuchtgebiet of
is foaf:primaryTopic of