The German DBpedia SPARQL Endpoint currently uses the dataset version of October 2016. We hope to update the endpoint soon, stay tuned! Until then, you can either use the Endpoint to query the dataset directly or download the dumpfile.
The datasets are made accessible on the Web under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License and the GNU Free Documentation License.


The dataset currently contains:

  • 104.989.619 triples
  • 1.374.894 entities
  • 627.264 persons
  • 62.054 organizations
  • 406.943 locations



The German DBpedia dataset can be explored with SPARQL. If you are new to the query language, we suggest the SPARQL 1.1 W3C Recommendation Page.
For an in-depth SPARQL hands-on, we suggest to have a look at the self-paced MOOC course Linked Data Engineering by Prof. Harald Sack at openHPI.

Example Queries

Collect everything that is available about the city of Karlsruhe:

(View query in SPARQL Editor)

    SELECT * 
    WHERE {
        <> ?p ?o .

Federated Query:

DBpedia: Select all persons who were born in Munich and play(ed) for FC Bayern Munich.
Wikidata: Also select all further soccer clubs these persons play(ed) for and count the number of players for each club.

(View query in SPARQL Editor)

PREFIX wdt: <>  
PREFIX wd: <>
PREFIX dbr: <>
PREFIX dct: <>

SELECT (COUNT(distinct ?person) AS ?personcount) ?teams ?label

?person dbo:birthPlace dbr:München .
?person dct:subject <ßballspieler_(FC_Bayern_München)> .
?person owl:sameAs ?wditem . FILTER regex (?wditem, "")

?wditem wdt:P54 ?teams . 
?teams rdfs:label ?label . FILTER(LANG(?label) = "en" )
GROUP BY ?teams ?label
ORDER BY DESC(?personcount)